Covid 19

Covid 19 precautions at the Moulin

After an intense and uncertain year, the Moulin is looking forward to opening its doors to you once again.

This season we have to adapt our welcome to  comply with current government health and safety guidelines, and to best protect you and others from the Covid-19 pandemic.

To best maintain physical distancing, everybody will have single occupancy rooms or tents this year, except for partners or friends who decide in advance to book and share a double room or tent (if available).

Ideally you would be in isolation during the week preceding your retreat at the moulin. If you are in contact with a person affected by the Covid-19 in the past week, you’ll need to take a PCR test in the 48  hours before arriving at there moulin. The safest way for us to take care of each other is to take maximum precautions during the week that precedes your participation.

Upon arrival we ask that you avoid physical contact and each person must respect the metre of physical distancing  (sides, ahead, behind).

As many activities as possible will be held outside. Meals will be served and eaten in the park area and under our new 60m2 awning, or during bad weather in rooms.

For hygiene purposes you will need to bring the following personal items:

  • Your own tea cup, (only sealed water bottles will be allowed in the meditation halls. You can bring your own water bottle or purchase one from the Moulin)
  • A hand towel (there will be no common towels in any bathrooms. You will be provided with a bath towel and bed linen is also provided)
  • Hand sanitiser  (we will provide sanitiser in common spaces but please also bring some of  your own)
  • Enough face masks for your stay to wear during all indoor activities
  • A bag to carry the above with you during your stay

These measures are to best support and protect you and everyone around you during your stay, and must be respected by all.

It is compulsory to wear a mask in all indoor shared spaces. During the outdoor serving of meals, it will be compulsory to disinfect your hands with the gel provided and to wear a mask.

We also advise you to take the recommended precautions whilst travelling to Le Moulin, i.e social distancing, hygiene precautions, wearing masks etc. 

In the event of a COVID-19 contamination:

  • Firstly, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should a person attend the event if they have any COVID-19 symptoms  (cough, sore throat, restricted breathing, fever / high temperature, loss of taste and smell, loss of energy…)
  • If a person arrives and is symptomatic they will be refused entry to the moulin.
  • If a person develops symptoms whilst at le moulin, they will be isolated and  tested.  If they are symptomatic, but not in a critical state, they will need to make arrangements to go home in the safest way possible way. If in  a critical state the SAMU (EMS) will be contacted.

We take best care of ourselves and each other through mutual cooperation, with careful and caring awareness and with respect for each and everyone of us. We look forward to welcoming you to the moulin, navigating these new situations and living and practicing together.

Here are the links of the governments guidelines gains the Covid-19.