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We are aiming to raise a total of €110,000

so far we have raised about €110,500

10€ our gratitude

25€ sponsor a roof tile

108€ Martin’s new book signed copy

250€ sponsor a new cushion and mat

500€ your name on the donor plaque

1008€ prebook Moulin retreats

10008€ unlimited Moulin retreats

Let’s build the Moulin’s new hall together!

This could be the Moulin’s motto! The Moulin exists thanks to the practice of generosity (Dana), the enthousiasm and the commitment of Dharma and meditation practicioners. From its modest beginning, Moulin de Chaves has become through the years one of the main centers for mindfulness practice in France.

To better support the growing number of people who come here from all around the world to meditate, the Moulin needs a new practice hall. We have put all our savings to start the construction on spring this year and we need your support to complete it! You can sponsor a sigle roof tile or benefit from an unlimited access to the Moulin by making a major contribution. See the rewards on the right or scroll down to discover all the details about it.

Our intention is to replace the yurt which requires a lot of work to assemble and dissemble and is not practical weather wise (too fresh in winter, to hot in summer). The new hall is located where the women dormitory was, nearby Moulin entrance and is facing the meditation hall. This new hall will allow the Moulin to :

  • Improve hosting quality  by replacing the yurt
  • Extend retreat season 
  • Offer disabled guests access & wheelchair accessible rooms
  • Enjoy a larger space for movement and yoga practices
  • Benefit from a second bathroom block for the camping guests
  • In partnership with local master craftsmen
  • Hemp and lime eco walls
  • Beautiful vaulted ceilings made of local oak
  • South wall made of glass 
  • Those of us who live here have put as much as we could to build the foundations and the stunning oak structure. This is an assessment of the financial needs to complete construction:
    • ~30,000€ to insulate and tile the roof in time for winter
    • ~30,000€ to  complete hemp and lime walls, windows and doors. Then the building will be properly closed so that we can work inside to make the main hall ready by Spring 2019
    • ~20,000€ to set up heating, lighting, and a much needed additional bathroom block
    • ~10,000€ to build 4 new retreat rooms, offering access for the disabled and private bathroom
    • ~20,000€ to put solar panels on the roof

    In total, we need to collect 110 000 euros to complete the construction and to get the practice hall ready for the begining of 2019 retreat season.

  • Everyone can contribute. We have put together various rewards for your generosity :
    • €1 or more – Our gratitude. Thank you so much for contributing!
    • €25 or more – A roof tile dedicated to you with your name (or a name of your choice) written onto it* and therefore into the building.
    • €108 or more – Receive a copy of Martin Aylward’s new (and first!) book, signed by him, before its release in 2019 + Named roof  tile*
    • €250 or more – Sponsor a cushion and mat for the new hall. You will also receive a Moulin cushion and mat sent to you (to fill yourself)  + Named roof tile + Signed book
    • €500 or more – Your name on the donor plaque in the new building + Named tile* + signed book
    • €1008 or more – 5 years of pre-booking access for each retreat season at the Moulin, gauranteeing you a single room booking on any retreat + Name on donor plaque + Named tile* + signed book
    • €10 008 or more – Unlimited Moulin retreats, including all food and accomodation fees in a single room, FOR EVER! (Or as long as the Moulin lasts)(Non transferable. Guaranteed availability in pre-booking period only. Teaching fees not included) + Name on donor plaque as  ‘Benefactor’ + Named tile* + signed book

    Thank you for your generosity!

    * We will get back to you by email after the campaign to ask you which name you want to be written on the tile.

  • Volunteer: if you have expertise in electricity, plumbing, tiling, rendering or plastering, we will need help during the first trimester of 2019 to get the practice hall ready.
  • Share this project with people around you who would be interested to participate with a donation.
  • Share with us your feedback, ideas and encouragements.
  • Let’s work together for a more peaceful, more compassionate and wiser world! 
  • MERCI ❤ THANK YOU❤Gail, Martin et Ian
    and all Moulin team

Contact us by telephone at:
+33 (0)5 53 05 97 46

Our telephone office hours are 10h00 – 12h00 (Monday – Friday). If the line is engaged please leave a message and we will return your call.