Welcome to Le Moulin

Please read and follow the guidelines listed below. They are there for the benefit of all of us…

  • Thank you for respecting the privacy of those who live and work here full time and do not go into areas marked “private”.
  • During your stay here, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • If you have arrived late for a retreat at Le Moulin, check the notice board in the main entrance hall, to find out where you will be staying. Remember to present yourself to the office the next morning to register.
  • Thank you for not wearing shoes inside the main house and in the meditation hall. Leave them neatly on the right hand side of the main entrance hall. Communal slippers are available.
  • You will be allocated a cup when you arrive, which you will keep with you and return at the end of your stay. You are welcome to bring you own cup if you wish.
  • There is free wifi, and a computer is available in the office area 1st floor,  at lunchtimes only. Please use only if necessary.
  • Keep the library tidy, returning books to the right section when finished, indicated by the  coloured dots. Please do not leave books outside.
  • The kitchen area is off limits unless you are working there. It is forbidden to go into the kitchen and help yourselves to food at any time.
  • Keep communal areas clean and how you would wish to find them, especially toilets and bathrooms. Try to avoid going into them whilst they are being cleaned during the Karma yoga/work period.
  • Remember to turn lights and heaters off when they are not being used.
  • People staying in the main building 2nd and 3rd floor, please walk quietly and lightly. As it is an old building footsteps can be heard clearly below.
  • Sleeping areas will be silent at all times and if you are sharing a room, lights should be put out by 23h00, out of respect for the others.
  • If there are queues in the main house for showers, there are 3 showers and 4 toilets in the adjacent outside toilet/shower block. So as not to disturb others, do not use the showers or flush the toilets after 22h30 (unless it is necessary)
  • Please do not feed our resident dog Bilbo, or take him on walks. Shambala our cat should do not go into peoples rooms. It is advised not to bring food into rooms as it can encourage mice.
  • If you decide to go swimming, you do so at your own risk. Please tell someone you are going and swim only during free times. Wet swim wear and towels should be dried on the washing lines, and not left to dry around the house and gardens.
  • A first aid kit is found in the downstairs toilet/shower block. In case of emergencies there is a doctors and pharmacy in the village.
  • If you smoke, please do so in the specified area, which by the front gate only and dispose of your cigarette ends carefully.
  • NO CANDLES, NO INCENSE, NO FIRE OF ANY KIND is allowed anywhere in the house or on the grounds of Le moulin.

Thank you for respecting our time together