Full time paid positions

full time paid positions and availability

Below are brief descriptions of the different jobs involved here.

Moulin Chef – Full time:

As an experienced cook/ chef you will need to manage and look after the Moulin kitchen, enjoy preparing and  cooking delicious food, and  have a creative flair for presentation. We are looking for someone who as well as having experience  cooking for between 20 – 80 people, can work under stress, yet enjoy being in and taking care of the kitchen.

Below is a brief summary of what is involved…
– Cooking for groups between 20 – 80 people a day
– Preparing Lunch, the main meal of the day, salad, main dishes, and dessert,
– Preparing supper a lighter meal, salad, soup, cheese board, sometimes  another dish is needed.
– Preparing special diets, for  vegans, gluten free, and other allergies.
– Giving attention to presentation of dishes.
– Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy
– Preparing a food order for the coming week
– Having 1 or 2  days off each week depending on the program.

Depending on the size of the retreat group you will be cooking for, you will have between 1- 5 people help prepare vegetables for a small hour in the morning, and a kitchen assistant to help afterwards.

Availability for kitchen chef:

2021 –  This position has been taken 

If you are interested in applying, please fill out a moulin job application form and send it into the office with a relevant CV.

General manager  and Support person – Full time
General Manager
The General Manager oversees Moulin retreats to facilitate the best retreat experience for visitors. The GM is a contact point for retreat leaders and contributes to overall retreat preparation, welcoming participants, delivering opening and closing talks regarding housekeeping matters and liaising with the administrator and head chef. The General Manager is also responsible for scheduling and training short term volunteers in various housekeeping tasks. 
They need to have a hands on approach and not be shy to help out and in any task that is required of them.
A successful applicant will have the following:
• Excellent organisational and relational skills
• Previous experience both in event management
• Retreat experience and a committed dharma practice for more than 3 years.
• Be completely fluent in either English or French, and have at least a moderate level of the other.
Availability for General Manager 

2021 – March to October –  This post has been filled 

Support Person 
The Support person would be helping the general manager with all the of the jobs above, plus helping out in the kitchen, household, gardening or wherever is needed.

To apply it is useful to have had some experience of working in a similar role beforehand, either at le moulin or in another meditation or retreat centre.  We ask that you know some basic french language and you most have a Dharma / meditation background for more than 3 years.

The dates differs each year, but generally this position starts end of March, early April and ends in October, beginning of November.  You would be expected to stay for the whole season.

Availability for  Support person 

2021 – March to October – This post has been filled 

2022 – March to October

If you are interested in applying for either the general manager or Support person , please fill out a Moulin job application form below and send it into the office with a CV if relevant.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to apply

If you are interested in any of the above  positions at Le Moulin for 2019 then please fill out the  application form at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to add any other information that you think may be useful.

Thank you for your interest.