Short term work retreatant

what does a short term work retreat involve?

During our busy season the Moulin has space for short term work retreatant staying and helping between  2 to 3 week periods. Work retreatants commit to daily meditation, respecting the contemplative atmosphere and silent times, and serve other retreatants while also participating in the daily rhythm and deepening their own practice.

Work could be anything from helping out in the kitchen area, household, garden, DIY or anything else that needs doing.

You would be asked to work 5 hours a day with 1 day off a week.

If you are interested in this position please fill out a Work Retreat form and send it to the Moulin office. 


We ask that you work 5hrs a day with 1 day off a week. We need people in good health and able to do any of the above, regardless of preferences.

There are staff/team meditation periods morning and evening which you are encouraged to attend. You will meet with a teacher/facilitator to discuss your time and practice here. During free time you may participate in some of the retreats and events we offer. Accommodation is either in shared rooms if available, or in tents which we provide. All visitors including work retretants pay €10 to join the Moulin de Chaves Association which is necessary for our insurance.

To apply, check what dates are available below, fill out the short term Work Retreat form and we will get back to you shortly.

Availability for short term work retreatants in 2020.
Please check availability regularly, as other dates maybe added later on.

No openings at present, for short term retreatants.

Work is in the following areas:


Assisting the cooks, chopping and preparing vegetables, washing up and cleaning the kitchen area.


Cleaning and preparing bedrooms, bathrooms, dining hall meditation hall etc.


Painting, repairs, light carpentry etc.

Helping with the upkeep of the gardens which includes  tidying, weeding, sweeping etc

Application forms

Once you have read all the relevant information fill out a work retreat Application Form below.