Work retreat testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials posted by work retreatants.

“I had such a brilliant time here! Anyone that ends up here has totally lucked up. Such a lovely peaceful atmosphere and the work is fun and leaves plenty of time to do your own thing. Only criticism is that there is too much delicious food to eat and it is incredibly difficult not to eat constantly… People here are all so interesting and kind as well- I ended up staying an extra week because I got ill the day before i was supposed to leave- I have never been so well looked after in my entire life! massive thanks to Wim, Tim, Roxanna, Eliza and Matt! You are all stars.”

– Sapphire (01/10/2013)

“My time here was a great experience. I met wonderful and interesting people from all over the world and was lucky enough to really connect with a few.Almost without exception the welcome was warm from everyone. The setting was unbelievable in its peacefulness and tranquility. The work in the kitchen was intense but fun cooking for over 90 people each day. Although I was a bit apprehensive about sleeping in a tent I became accustomed quickly and learned to like “my little cave”. The food was excellent and plentiful. I especially loved the campfires and learning to salsa dance! Thanks Gail for including me in your community. I wish you all the best!”

– Shari (12/09/2013)

“Thank you so much for such a lovely two weeks, Maria and I had the most wonderful time getting to know all the lovely faces and really felt at home in the lovely environment that you offer at the moulin. We would love to come back whenever we are in France again. And will always remember the kindness you showed us, and the fun we had dancing in the street. 🙂 xx”

– Katie (23/08/2013)

“Having worked 5 weeks here, I feel very grateful. The tranquil energy, the care, the beautiful place, the delicious food, and especially the warm people … it was so joyful. The work was well organised, with enough time to relax, joining meditation sessions, have a bike ride or swim in the river. A place to put your mind at rest, and let your heart come alive. Very warm memories, and still miss it.”

– Barbara (12/08/2013)

“My two weeks at the mill were magical. The retreat is located next to a small village in the beautiful French countryside, isolated enough for quite reflection but still accessible from Bordeaux and Perigueux. I learned so much from Martin, Gail, Ian and the rest of the staff, an eclectic collection of international peace-seekers, and I felt immediately at home. The work was fair, the vegetarian meals were DELICIOUS, and the overall experience was unforgettable. Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Reed (01/06/2013)

“I really enjoyed my time at here, the setting was beautiful, varied woodland and gardens and the riverside where we could eat meals. The work was reasonable and well timetabled taking account of volunteers’ preferences, talents and abilities. The hosts were considerate and it was lovely to have silent mornings and the opportunity to spend time by the river and in nature when not working. I enjoyed working as a team with others there, especially in the kitchen and had fun meeting people from overseas. The food was plentiful, healthy and varied, the accommodation comfortable.”

– Isabelle (26/10/2012)

“The most awesomest of awesome workaways; all others pale in comparison. If I could give this 5 stars I would. Not only are the grounds beautiful (including an organic garden, a river which I did venture into for a swim on occasion and hammocks to enjoy the views of the trees, sky and sunshine!! And more!) and the house, clean, bright and well maintained but the atmosphere and people are warm, welcoming, peaceful, generous, spiritual but down to earth and some even made of best-friend material! The food is organic, often from the garden, plentiful and yummy. And then there’s there wonderful opportunity to join the daily morning and evening meditation and also to take part in a couple of the retreats too. I had a variety of accommodation thought out the total of 3 1/2 months I was there; bedroom, apartment, dorm and camping. During my time I helped with the big clean before the season began including painting the rooms and after that I got to play at chef and generally help out in the kitchen which was a dream. Thank you so much!”

– Emily (30/09/2012)

“I can’t describe how wonderful my time was at Le Moulin! I wish I could have stayed for longer. It is so well run, and by some of the most welcoming, gracious and generous people I have ever met. I feel so honoured to have been able to share my experience with them! There was unbelievably delicious food, an incredible group of musicians, and absolutely everyone had a story to tell. I left hoping that it will not be my last time, it was pure delight.”

– Elena (19/09/2012)

“I feel very lucky that I got to be part of this place, even if for only 2 (too short!) weeks. I basically loved every bit of it: the place itself, the people, the food, the conversations, the laughs, the silence, even my first ever camping in the rain :). I feel like I’ve learned a lot by being in such a warm, peaceful yet dynamic environment. The work is enjoyable,diverse and fair, a whole range of things to be done and indeed, never felt like a chore. I’m really really grateful for the time spent there, the people I had the chance to meet and for the overall experience, a pretty difficult one to match from here on. Thank you and hope to see you again!”

– Iulia (20/08/2012)

“I absolutely loved my last couple of weeks that I spent at the Moulin. Every day was full of amazing experiences, warm people, tasty food, and nourishing conversations. It was my first workaway experience and I miss everyone so much. I would definitely recommend any one volunteer here!”

– Heather (26/06/2012)

“We had an amazing time . Everyone was very friendly, welcoming and interesting. Everyday there was good food and conversation at the table, and such a beautiful place to relax. There was plenty of work to be done, but it was never a chore. This was our first workaway and we could not have been happier.”

– Rohan (20/05/2012)

“Molli and I (Chantel) had such a wonderful experience working here. Unfortunately, we were not there while they were up and running with guests and meditation classes. However, we were able to find time to get in a few lead meditations with Martin and Ian which were so nice! We spent our time helping on Martin and Gail’s property spreading gravel over part of their yard and helping with a garden wall made of stone. We also laid A LOT of grass seed the ‘meadow-like’ area and helped paint some of the guest rooms. The people were overwhelming warm and open. It was our first workaway experience and it will honestly be very hard to match. Between the company we shared, the amazing accommodations, and the delicious food we have nothing else to say but THANK YOU! We were able to peek into a world we have yet to experience and were completely charmed by it all.”

“Molli, here! I echo everything that Chantel said! We cannot thank Martin, Gail, the whole Moulin team and our fellow Workawayers for the remarkable experience we had there. The sense of warmth, generosity, curiosity and grace that has been created at Le Moulin has seeped into the whole place and is quite contagious. Thanks for so much more than we could have hoped for!!”

– Chantel & Molli (27/04/2012)