Work Yogi

Work Yogi

This position is for people wishing to attend a retreat but unable to afford the full costs. Work yogis help out in household, kitchen or garden, work 2 to 3 hrs a day and pay a lower daily rate, staying in a tent or shared room. Single rooms are not available on this basis.

We offer this for most retreats, for 1 or 2 weeks only and for up to 3 people per retreat.

If you are interested in being a Work Yogi, do not fill out a volunteer form. Instead, contact the office first to see if any Work Yogis positions are open. If so you will be asked to fill in a normal booking form and include in the information section that you will be a work yogi during your stay. When you arrive you will be shown what work needs to be done.  

As places are limited, please only apply for a Work Yogi place if you would be otherwise unable to afford the retreat you are applying for.

Dates currently needed: