Rest, Relax and Renew

with YOGA, RESTORATIVE YOGA & MEDITATION PRACTICES, with Gail Aylward, 1st August to 6th August, 2022


with Gail Aylward
1st August – 6th August, 2022

Language: English

Bookings will open on the 17th January, 2022

Rest is an important part of ones mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being, yet many of us find it difficult to do just that… to truly rest. To down our 21st century tools of technology,  phones, and computers that keep us switched day and night. To try and create space and rest in the midst of our busy lifestyles, whether that is looking after family and friends, work commitments, or social activities. And with the added stress of Covid-19, relaxation can feel very far away from us.

This week offers an opportunity to cultivate self-care and compassion, to leave aside the busyness of life and instead to foster rest, relax and renew, right here, right now, to help calm our nervous system. Using the tools of mindfulness meditation, practicing gentle Hatha yoga in the mornings, combined with Restorative yoga in the afternoons, these age old techniques can help support us unhook from a busy and sometimes anxious mind, and instead, rest in this breath, in this body, in this moment.  With kind caring attention, we invite a letting go, a releasing, whilst cultivating a relaxation and non-doing.

Never more so than now have we needed these practices

The days will unfold in silence as we meditate and practice together. There will be the opportunity to meet with Gail, in small groups throughout the week, to check in and see how you are doing. There will also be unstructured time to go for walks, bathe in the river, enjoy the delicious home cooked organic meals, or just enjoy simply being, whilst relaxing and being supported by the beautiful grounds of Le Moulin. 

“Don’t try to make the present moment peaceful, make peace with the present moment”


Teaching fee to be paid at the same time as the moulin accommodation fee.
Please contact Gail at

Due to the continually changing health situation, shared rooms and tents will only be available to those coming with a friend or partner.  If you would like to share, but are not coming with a friend or partner, please state this choice on the booking form, and we will contact you should the current health situation permit.

Moulin Shared Tent (2 people) €350 + €10 membership fee
Moulin Single Tent €425+ €10 membership fee
Small Shared Room (2 people) €375 + €10 membership fee
Shared Room (2-3 people) €400 + €10 membership fee
Single Room €450 + € 10 membership fee
Single ensuite Room €525 + 10 membership fee
Anjali Loft (Shared 2 person room with ensuite – 1 only) €500 + €10 membership fee


This event must be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment is by Paypal and credit card through the online registration process.
Once you have completed the process, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your booking. If you do not receive this email, (check spam folder first) or you experience any difficulties booking, please contact us directly by email or telephone.


If a participant should cancelled this event 2 months before the starting date, it is refundable less a €100 administration fee. If cancelled 1 month before the event, 50% is refundable . If cancelled less than 1 month before the event, there is no refund.

Participants may wish to take out an insurance to cover themselves in case of any eventuality

If the moulin should cancel this event, it would return all monies paid by participants for moulin accommodation.

In the event of the Moulin cancelling this retreat because of COVID-related government restrictions, three choices will be offered to participants:

1. Credit for a future retreat.
This is our preferred option, as it supports the associations financial standing. Whatever you have already paid will be held in credit for you for the next retreat you would like  to attend at le moulin, whether that  is in 1, 2 or 3 years time.

2. Refund minus administration costs and or offering Dana.
We would refund the amount of the retreat minus between €50 to €100 administration costs ( please say how much).  However if you would like to offer more, that amount would also go towards supporting le moulin association during these difficult times.

3. Full refund
We understand times are difficult for many of us, so if you request it, we will refund the full amount back, with no administration costs included.

In the event of a participant cancelling because of COVID-related restrictions to travel, a full refund will be made minus a fee of 50€ to cover administration costs.  Please note that if you feel that it is likely that you will not be permitted to travel, notifying us as early as possible may enable us to fill your place so will be greatly appreciated.



You are welcome to arrive between 14h and 20h on the opening day of this event.It is not possible to arrive before this date unless you are attending a previous retreat.


Rooms need to be vacated by 10h, on the closing day of this event and we ask that you leave by 15h. Lunch is the last meal which you are welcome to stay for. It is not possible to stay on at Le Moulin, unless you are attending the next retreat.

We have several accommodation options; Single room, shared room or fully equipped Moulin tents in the warmer season. For certain retreats it is also possible to camp in your own tent.

All bedrooms in the main house share two bathrooms and toilets on each floor of the building. We provide bedding and towels for all rooms and all Moulin tents.


If you choose to stay in a moulin tent, available for either one or two people, we will provide everything you need.  A bed ( yes a bed!!) quilt, bedding, lighting, torch, towel, and anything else to make you comfortable. The tent will also have space to keep your luggage and belongings.


If the retreat you choose offers the option to camp in your own tent, please bring the following:  your own tent, ground sheet, warm sleeping bag, a towel, a torch, and anything else to make you comfortable.

As the weather can be changeable, we highly recommend you bring a warm jumper or fleece, even in the summer time.


During your stay here, you will be offered 3 healthy and nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals. The main meal of the day is lunch with a lighter supper of soup, salad, bread and spreads in the evening time. We endeavour to use organic and fair-trade ingredients as much as possible (around 80% organic), combined with locally sourced produce that is farmed in a sustainable way.

For those who are vegan, wheat, gluten or diary free, or have any other dietary restrictions, we can provide on request a simple diet of steamed vegetables, a simple protein such as lentils, pulses and a simple carbohydrate. We are sorry but we are unable to offer any other more specialised diets.

Hots drinks are available all day.


We provide meditation mats, cushions, chairs and shawls.

We have enough yoga mats for up to 50 people, however if you use yoga props, you need to bring your own.


See a sample schedule of a previous retreat.   (Please note this is just an example and may differ on this retreat)

Click here for Le Moulin guidelines. Please read before arriving.


Please bring indoor shoes/slippers for the main building,

An alarm clock, if possible not your mobile phone.

Comfortable loose clothing for sitting and walking meditation, plus exercise practice.

Appropriate clothing for cool and hot weather.

A european power adapter.

Your own cup (optional)

Mosquito repellant if you are camping


It can get very hot in the height of the summer, so sun hats, water bottles, and sun cream can be useful.  However as we are next to a river, the mornings and evenings can be quite cool, so do bring a warm jumper/jacket. 


Moulin de Chaves is a non profit Association. Everyone who comes here on retreat contributes one hour of their time each day towards the running of the Moulin. This may be anything from washing up, veggie chopping, cleaning, or gardening. We thank you in advance for helping us in this way.


The Moulin de Chaves operates as a French registered Non Profit Association (loi 1901). In order to maintain this status, all activities are offered as a service to Association members. The annual subscription of €10  allows us to offer events at the Moulin for the lowest possible cost. Without membership, we would have to operate as a profit-oriented, tax-paying organization.


Please click here to find out more details on how to get to Le Moulin.